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The Small Contractor App That Works as Hard as You 

You've invested in tools, navigated licensing hurdles, and possess the skills to thrive. The C-Pro Solution addresses small business contractors' real-world challenges, empowering your success.


Contractor Problem: Securing Contracts

You’ve invested in the tools and the equipment. Jumped through all the licensing hoops and red tape. You have the skills and drive to succeed. Now you’ve got the tools for your business to thrive. The C-Pro Solution was specifically developed to solve the real-world problems of small business contractors like you.

The C-Pro Solution

Virtual Project Quoting allows you to understand the homeowner's specific needs so you can qualify customers and projects in real-time, eliminating those that aren’t a fit, fostering confidence for those that are, and ultimately increasing your quote conversion rates. C-Pro then seamlessly integrates Configure, Pricing, and Quoting (CPQ) tools that will help seal the deal and get to work effectively. 

Contractor Problem: Managing Customer Relationships

With more qualified contracts on the table, many contractors with small teams often run into their next problem: Decreasing inefficiencies and increasing productivity to keep up with growth. 

The C-Pro Solution

Our app includes highly-integrated and intuitive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to effectively reduce non-billable hours and increase productivity for the jobs we help you secure. These include: 

  • Benchmark Billing Services to get money in your account and establish trust with your customers.

  • Efficient Scheduling and Virtual Meetings to minimize extensive email or phone interactions.  

  • Project Management Tools for integrated, 360-degree system. 

  • Team Management to get the most out of your dedicated employees.

Contractor Problem: Cost-Effective Tools 

There are a number of software products that claim to be geared for small contractors but start at almost $400 a month. Plus, you’re paying high rates for a number of tools your business will never use. 

The C-Pro Solution

Our game-changing app was developed after extensive consultations with independent and small contractors like you. C-Pro’s core value and tools were designed to benefit independent contractors to manage their daily tasks and customers at an affordable price.


Industries We Serve

EV Charger Installers

As EV charger installation surges, C-Pro gives your business an edge with our Virtual Quoting Service. Our CPQ-powered app streamlines processes, secures contracts, and boosts repeat business, all in one place, elevating your small business to new heights.

Landscaping Companies

Achieve your outdoor dreams hassle-free with our virtual quoting service. Streamline the process, secure contracts easily, manage jobs efficiently, and grow your business with AI tools. Try the C-Pro app and elevate your landscaping business.

Garage Door Installers

Upgrade your curb appeal with garage door installations. Our virtual quoting service simplifies the process, integrating Virtual CPQ Technology for seamless contract securing and job management. Expand your business with the C-Pro app's AI advertising tools.

HVAC Contractors

Simplify HVAC projects with our virtual quoting service. Our technology ensures seamless contract securing and job management, helping you move on to the next project faster. Elevate your business with the C-Pro app's support tools.

Patio Furniture.gif

Retractable Awning Installers

For retractable awning installers, meeting homeowners' outdoor needs is key. C-Pro streamlines every step, from virtual quoting to job management. With Virtual CPQ Technology and AI advertising, grow effortlessly.

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