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Retractable Awning Installers

There’s a reason you’re in the awning installation business. As the sun shines brighter and the days get warmer, homeowners crave an outdoor space where they can relax and unwind. A retractable awning offers the perfect solution. However, these projects can be time-consuming and complicated. C-Pro is there to make every project easier so you can get to the next one and grow your business.  


How Virtual Quoting Service Simplifies Your Process

Virtual CPQ Technology is at the heart of our proprietary app — providing Virtual Project Quoting keeps you and your workforce from getting on the road unless there’s a real job on the other end.

Precise Project Scoping

C-Pro platform lets you gather awning installation details remotely. Get images and measurements from clients for accurate and efficient installation, reducing delays and streamlining projects.

Increased Client Trust

Transparent and accurate quotes through C-Pro's Virtual Quoting Service lead to trust, smoother negotiations, stronger client relationships and referrals.

How C-Pro App Helps Contractors

Case Study: Making Quick Work of Awning Contracts

Mike sells and installs retractable awnings. One of the constant challenges he faces is customers wanting to have an awning installed ASAP. One such customer has a party next weekend. Here’s how the C-Pro app helps.

  • Mike has the customer download C-Pro and show the area where the awning needs to be installed.

  • Based on the virtual meeting the color and size of the awning that the customer wants can’t be installed.

  • Mike is immediately able to show the best awning available, quickly providing a quote and installation date.

  • He secures the contract and schedules installation.

Using C-Pro means Mike doesn’t have to waste time trying to schedule an in-home visit and reacts quickly on the spot. He satisfies the customer's need for color, size and time frame, spending zero time traveling back and forth to the home. Mike lands the business and is ready to get to work.

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