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Giving Small Contractors a Competitive Edge

Discover the journey behind C-Pro's mission to empower contractors with powerful tools to increase productivity and grow their businesses.


Our Story

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"I created C-Pro after experiencing frustration with home repairs, particularly with installing an EV charger in my house and learning how frustrating the process can be, not just for homeowners but for the small contractors. The more research I did with different home contractors, the more I found that they could use a tool that simplifies the quoting process that doesn’t require an on-site visit, gets them more contracts, and takes a lot of the hassle out of projects from start to finish. I built C-Pro as a solution to help home repair professionals better serve their customers. The app is like a support staff for contractors to make them more productive and will make homeowners feel more confident when they choose them for a project."

Boyang Wang

Founder & CEO

Why C-Pro for Home Service Professionals

C-Pro's Commitment

Our commitment is to assist you in enhancing your company's visibility, acquiring more job opportunities, increasing your earnings, boosting your overall efficiency, managing your schedule, enhancing customer satisfaction, and obtaining better quality reviews for your website. Who wouldn't want that?

We Do Things Differently

100 +


We helped home service professionals win more home projects.

Home projects completed

15 - 20 Minutes


The traditional process of scheduling a call, traveling to the location, doing a walk-through, and returning can take over 2 hours. C-Pro reduces this process to 15 - 20 minutes.

Virtual Quoting Process

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