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EV Charger Installers

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain popularity, many homeowners are making the wise decision to embrace clean energy and invest in EV charger installation on their properties. If your business is part of this exciting movement C-Pro can help give you a competitive edge.


How Virtual Quoting Service Simplifies Your Process

Virtual CPQ Technology is at the heart of our proprietary app — providing Virtual Project Quoting keeps you and your workforce from getting on the road unless there’s a real job on the other end.

Increase Business Opportunities

C-Pro increases visibility and access to a wider client base, leading to more business opportunities and revenue growth.

Streamlined Communication

Gain access to precise project details results in accurate installations, minimizing misunderstandings, reducing errors, and enhancing service quality.

How C-Pro App Helps Contractors

Case Study: EV Charging Installation Made Easy

Contractor Bill receives an inquiry from a customer who wanted to install an EV Charging
station in their garage. Here’s how the C-Pro app helped him from start to finish.

  •  Bill has the customer download the C-Pro app.

  • He schedules a time to connect virtually to see the electrical panel and installation area.

  • Bill quickly provides a quote and offers suggestions to get the job done.

  • Customer is impressed with the speed of the evaluation and quote, establishing trust.

  • Bill lands the contract and schedules installation.

Without ever visiting the job site, Bill creates a happy, referenceable customer. He maximizes revenue, eliminates administrative costs, and increases his profits.

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