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Home Service Solutions for you

From essential maintenance and repairs to ambitious home improvement projects, C-Pro comprehensive range of services is designed with you in mind

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Quoting Services We Support

C-PRO simplifies the quoting process for homeowners and professionals. Our platform covers a diverse range of projects, from EV charger installations to garage door replacements. With our user-friendly interface, homeowners can explore services, while professionals can efficiently manage diverse projects. Experience seamless quoting with C-PRO.

EV Charger Installation

Top-notch services for EV home charger installation, ensuring a smooth transition to sustainable and energy-efficient transportation.


Transforms outdoor spaces with expert landscaping services, creating lush and inviting environments tailored to homeowners' preferences

HVAC Diagnostics

Optimal indoor comfort with precise HVAC diagnostics, providing homeowners with reliable solutions

Retractable Awning

Transform your outdoor space into a comfortable retreat, shielded from the elements, and designed to enhance your lifestyle

Garage Door Installation

Professional garage door installation services, guaranteeing secure and efficient solutions tailored to your home, enhancing both safety and aesthetics

Get Your Home Project Done Intuitively

Our platform connects homeowners with skilled professionals to ensure seamless project completion. Whether you're installing EV charger, installing an HVAC system, or designing a garden, our app simplifies the process.


For homeowners, C-Pro helps turn your dreams into reality, while for service providers, it's a great way to showcase your expertise and grow your business. Download C-PRO today and experience intuitive and efficient home improvements.

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