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First Time Homeowner Scaries

Updated: Dec 7, 2023


As a first time home owner and recent college grad, I’ve quickly become all too aware of the frustrations of having to take care of home repairs. From the occasional plumbing issues to the pesky pests that seem to pop up out of nowhere, home repairs can be a major burden on a new homeowner.

I recently had to deal with a clogged kitchen sink. After multiple attempts to unclog it myself, I decided to call a plumber. After getting an estimate of the fee associated with the repair, I quickly realized that the cost was much more than I was planning on spending. I was fortunate to find a local handyman who was willing to work with me and do the repair for a fraction of the cost.

The issues don’t stop there. From replacing lightbulbs to dealing with low water pressure, I’ve had to take care of a variety of repairs that I wasn’t expecting as a first-time homeowner. I’ve been able to figure out some of the repairs on my own, but I’ve also had to rely on costly professionals to help me out.

Recently, a friend recommended I use C-PRO Virtual Home Service to help with my home repairs, and I am so happy they did! A helper on the platform was able to advise me on all of the issues and saved me literally $500. Plus, my first consolation is free! I highly recommend the program to anyone with a home.

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