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Empowering Lives, Enriching Home Accessibility Solutions

Discover the journey behind C-PRO's mission to empower homes and enrich lives. Join us as we unveil the inspiring story of making home accessibility solution services simpler, smarter, and more fulfilling for all.

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Our Story

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" I created C-PRO after experiencing frustration with home repairs, particularly with installing an EV charger in my house. I often had trouble getting home repair professionals to call me back and scheduling appointments took a lot of time and effort. The quotes I received varied greatly and I had to choose based on price alone. I wanted to find someone who would work with me and provide guidance so I could handle some issues myself. I built C-PRO as a solution for people in similar situations to help home repair professionals better serve their customers and bill for time that didn't require an on-site visit. This will make homeowners feel more confident and help professionals become more productive. "

Boyang Wang

Founder & CEO

Why C-Pro

Home Service Professionals

Our commitment is to assist you in enhancing your company's visibility, acquiring more job opportunities, increasing your earnings, boosting your overall efficiency, managing your schedule, enhancing customer satisfaction, and obtaining better quality reviews for your website. Who wouldn't want that?

Home Service Professionals

Our unwavering dedication is centered on elevating not just the physical structure of your home but also on assisting you in realizing and bringing to fruition the vision of your dream home, ensuring that every aspect aligns seamlessly with your desires and preferences. opting for our services is a cost-efficient choice, as we strive to provide exceptional quality without compromising on affordability.

We Do Things Differently

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We helped homeowners build their dream home and home service professionals win more home projects.

Home projects completed


More Customer Satisfaction

Our homeowners and home service providers reported average 50% more customer satisfaction.

15 - 20 Minutes

Virtual Quoting Process

The traditional process of scheduling a call, traveling to the location, doing a walk-through, and returning can take over 2 hours. C-Pro reduces this process to 15 - 20 minutes.

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