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C-Pro: Empowering Contractors to Secure More Contracts and Increase Productivity

For small and Independent Contractors — time is money.
Anything that can save upfront hours wasted on unnecessary calls, estimates, and walk-throughs saves your company billable hours.

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Virtual CPQ Technology is at the Heart of Our Proprietary App

Providing Virtual Project Quoting that keeps you and your workforce from getting on the road unless there’s a real job on the other end.

Virtual Quotes for More Contracts. Tools to Work Smarter. 

Leverage powerful Customer Management Tools to more efficiently manage jobs

Secure more contracts with seamlessly integrated Configure, Pricing, and Quoting (CPQ)

Increase repeat business from existing customers and bring in more with AI advertising tools

If you’re an independent contractor, the game-changing C-Pro app gives you the tools of a support staff that can take your small business to the next level. It’s as handy as you are!


The Small Contractor App That Works as Hard as You

You've invested in tools, equipment, and skills, navigated licensing hurdles, and now you're set to thrive with the tailored solutions of C-Pro.

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 Securing Contracts

C-Pro seamlessly integrates CPQ tools to seal the deal and facilitate efficient project commencement.

Managing Customer Relationships

Our app integrates CRM tools like Benchmark Billing, scheduling, project, and team management to boost productivity and reduce non-billable hours.

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Cost-Effective Tools

Our app, developed through extensive consultations with contractors, offers core tools designed to efficiently manage tasks and customers at an affordable price.


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Small Contractors We Support 

Informed by extensive research, we have thoughtfully selected five specific types of home service contractors that are ideally suited for utilizing C-Pro’s suite of solutions. As we grow, we’ll be adding more tools for an even broader array of small businesses. 

EV Charger Installer

Expert installation of electric vehicle charging stations for convenient and Eco-friendly charging at home.

Landscaping Companies

Professional landscaping and deck installation services to transform outdoor spaces.

Garage Door Installers

Efficient installation of garage doors, seamlessly enhancing curb appeal and security for your home.

HVAC Diagnostics

Precise initial diagnostic solutions for efficient HVAC system based on your unit model.

Retractable Awning

Professional installation of retractable awnings for seamlessly transforming outdoor spaces.


What Our Users Say About C-Pro

As a contractor, C-Pro's virtual quoting has transformed how I work. It's quick, precise, and eliminates the need for site visits, saving me countless hours. My clients love the speed and efficiency. This feature has genuinely revolutionized my business.

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Adam Binaz, Ann Arbor

18-year Independent Contractor

If I could earn $40 an hour, I would quit my job now and work full-time on C-Pro.

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Mo, Detroit

HVAC Contractor

Really liked the call, identified the problem and provided the list of tools, and explained the steps to fix it. Fixed both issues. YouTube can't help you if you don't know the problem.

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Stella Lee, Ann Arbor


Ready to Grow Your Business with C-Pro?

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Try all C-Pro's features FREE today!

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