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We Build Bridges
Between Homeowners
and Home Service Solution

C-PRO virtual quoting makes it easy for you to access home service solution providers from the convenience of time and location.

home service solution

C-Pro Benefits

Transform your home effortlessly with C-PRO. Access services, solutions, and savings like never before
home service

Effortless Solutions: Access a wide range of home improvement services at your fingertips.

Faster Fixes: Get quicker assistance for your home issues with virtual consultations.

Cost-Effective: Save money with accurate estimates and competitive rates.

Flexible Options: Choose services based on your preference.

Enhanced Home Value: Elevate your living space with expert guidance and solutions.

Quoting Services We Support

Home EV Charger Installation

home ev  charger

Expert installation of electric vehicle charging stations for convenient and Eco-friendly charging at home.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling


Skilled remodeling and construction services to bring your dream kitchen and bathroom to reality.



Professional landscaping and deck installation services to transform outdoor spaces.

Retractable Awning Installation


Professional installation of retractable awnings, seamlessly transforming outdoor spaces into stylish, shaded retreat.




Precise initial diagnostic solutions for efficient HVAC system based on your unit


Garage Door



Efficient installation of garage doors, seamlessly enhancing curb appeal and security for your home.

Comprehensive Home Services

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Home with C-PRO's Specialized Services

home service

Key C-PRO Features

With C-PRO, you can easily book services, describe your home needs, and get expert guidance without having to wait or make cumbersome calls.

Quick Scheduling

Effortlessly book home services with C-PRO's swift and intuitive scheduling feature. No more lengthy phone calls or waiting times - schedule your tasks with just a few clicks.

Task Managing

Easily describe your home issues and needs using C-PRO's simple task creation tool. Our platform ensures that your task details are communicated accurately to the appropriate handymen for prompt assistance.

Virtual Quoting

Get expert guidance from the comfort of your home with C-PRO's virtual consultation feature. You can engage in video calls or chat sessions with skilled handymen to troubleshoot and effectively resolve your home issues.

Superior Virtual Quoting

Virtual Quoting is an innovative technology that has brought significant changes to the home maintenance business. Here's how C-PRO Virtual Quoting can benefit you.

Personalized Recommendations

Through virtual consultations, handymen can understand customers' needs in-depth and suggest the most suitable solutions

Cost-Effective Solutions

Free virtual consultations for multiple task without the need for on-site visits.

Time and Convenience

 Schedule consultations, stay updated on projects, compare and accept quotes, and make online payments from app.

Enhanced Transparency

Virtual quoting service offers transparency and clear understanding of work scope and costs. It fosters trust and better communication for site visits.

What Our Users Say About C-PRO

“Really liked the call, identified the problem and provided the list of tools, and explained the steps to fix it. Fixed both issues. YouTube can't help you if you don't know the problem."

Stella Lee, Ann Arbor

5-yr homeowner

"Very helpful with the video chat, solid action items; vendor, brand and product info provided."

William Brady, Cleveland

1-yr homeowner

“If I could earn $40 an hour, I would quit my job now and work full-time on C-PRO.”

Mo, Detroit


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