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User Cases

You can find potential and existing C-PRO user cases on this page. C-PRO adds values in triaging and troubleshooting small to medium home maintenance problems, as well as in providing quoting and project guidance for large home improvement projects. 

HVAC Heating Restarting Problem

Six-year homeowner of a single-family house,

with moderate DIY experience

Heater Monitoring

Problem: On a winter afternoon in Michigan, the homeowner noticed some weird “clicking” sound from the basement. It turned out that the heater has stopped working. The homeowner could hear the constant “clicking” sound from the heating chamber every five seconds. Given it was 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the homeowner had to request an emergency appointment from a local heating and cooling repair company at the cost of $200. After the family suffered through one cold night, the HVAC professional finally showed up around noon. As the professional triaged the problem, the homeowner was explained that the dusty fire sensor kept sending the signal to the heater to restart, based on the light pattern in the chamber. The solution was pretty straightforward. All it took was a piece of sandpaper to polish the sensor, and everything worked fine again.

C-PRO Value: If the homeowner knew about the C-PRO virtual call service, he could jump on a virtual consulting session with an HVAC helper that night and show the light pattern to the helper to reach the same conclusion in a few hours. With step-by-step instructions, the homeowner could have used sandpapers to clean the sensor and get the heat back in the home that same day. The best part is that the cost would only be $25 instead of $200.

Leaking Kitchen Sink

5-year homeowner of a condo, with very limited DIY experience

Problem: Meet Top, one of the clients during our pilot project. Top is a new homeowner who has no prior experience in DIY. He did not know what to do with the leaking pipe in the kitchen sink. Since Top was not familiar with plumbing, he couldn’t even search the correct keywords on YouTube to find the right videos. After learning about our platform, Top posted his issue on C-PRO, and on the same day, Adam, reached out to her, and scheduled a 15-minute meeting with him. Within 5 minutes, Adam identified the issue, and taught her the way to fix it. Within the same call, Adam also helped Top solve the toilet leaking problem as well.


C-PRO Value: “I didn’t expect C-PRO to fix my issue. But with Adam’s step-by-step instructions, I was able to quickly identify and solve the issue myself. It turns out I am fully capable of fixing these problems myself. These two problems would have costed me more than $300 if I hire plumbers, but C-PRO was the perfect solution for this”, said Top in our customer survey.

Insulation Installation

Home Insulation Project

Ten-year homeowner of a single-family house,

with extensive DIY experience

Problem: Meet David, who wants to install insulation for his house. A home insulation would bring him many benefits. Providing resistance to heat flow and controlling air leakage, insulating significantly lowers heating and cooling costs, which accounts for a big portion of home-used energy bill. It is one of the most effective ways to improve energy efficiency at home; it prevents potential home problems like noises, frozen pipes and structural damage from moisture. it adds comfortability, air safety, and value to home.

However, David is having difficulty while starting to plan insulating his attic/roof. Which type of insulation should he choose based on the condition of his attic? Warm? Cold? What material will be suitable and how much will he need? What are the most important concerns during the installation process?

C-PRO Value: If David wants to do the project at home, he can come to C-Pro and find a professional to guide him! From assessing the specific attic structure of his house, to help choosing insulation, making suggestions on protective gears needed, reminding necessary notable working conditions, and giving more real-time detailed directions, C-Pro will make everything so much faster, easier and clearer even if he is just on his own.

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