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Retractable Awning

Transform your patio or deck into a shaded oasis with our seamless retractable awning installations.

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Project Details

As the sun shines brighter and the days get warmer, homeowners crave an outdoor space where they can relax and unwind. A retractable awning offers the perfect solution, providing shade and comfort while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature. However, the process of finding the right contractor and obtaining accurate quotes for your retractable awning installation project can be time-consuming and overwhelming. That's where our virtual quoting service steps in to transform your outdoor dreams into reality.

How Virtual Quoting Service Simplifies the Process


Connect with professionals for expert guidance in selecting the perfect awning. This ensures that the style, material, and size of the awning meet your specific needs and enhances its functionality.

Instant Estimation

Quickly assess the expected costs and ensure it aligns with your budget and save the time and effort of waiting for traditional quotes. This allows you to make informed decisions.

Home Service Professionals
Precise Project

C-Pro platform lets you gather awning installation details remotely. Get images and measurements from clients for accurate and efficient installation, reducing delays and issues.

Increased Client

Transparent and accurate quotes through C-PRO's Virtual Quoting Service lead to trust, smoother negotiations, stronger client relationships and referrals.

Get Your Home Project Done Intuitively

Our platform connects homeowners with skilled professionals to ensure seamless project completion. Whether you're installing EV charger, installing an HVAC system, or designing a garden, our app simplifies the process.


For homeowners, C-Pro helps turn your dreams into reality, while for service providers, it's a great way to showcase your expertise and grow your business. Download C-PRO today and experience intuitive and efficient home improvements.

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