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Extreme Weather May Cost Your Home Thousands

Updated: Dec 7, 2023


The recent extreme weather conditions in Michigan have left many homeowners without power, leaving them to suffer the consequences of a power outage. With temperatures dropping and freezing rain pouring down, the need for a power generator has become even more urgent.

The risks of severe weather conditions can be significant for homeowners. Prolonged power outages can result in frozen pipes, burst pipes, flooding, and even structural damage to a home.

Without electricity, homeowners may be unable to keep their homes warm and safe during extreme weather conditions. Not to mention the cost of replacement items such as food and other items that may have spoiled due to the lack of electricity.

Power generators can help homeowners avoid the risks and costs associated with severe weather conditions. Not only do generators provide a reliable source of power during an outage, but they also can help protect a home from damage.

Generators also provide an additional layer of security, as homeowners can keep essential items such as refrigerators, heating systems, and more running even if the power goes out.

The cost of a generator can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the size and power of the generator. Homeowners should consider their needs and budget when selecting the right generator. Additionally, many generators require a professional installation and regular maintenance to ensure they are working properly.

Severe weather conditions leave many homeowners without power, but with the right generator, they can avoid the risks and costs associated with prolonged power outages. Investing in a generator can provide peace of mind and help protect a home from damage during extreme weather conditions.

Speak with a professional on the CPRO Home Service app to figure out if purchasing a generator is the right decision for you.

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